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Welcome to the Holy Bible Wiki

This wiki will act as an encyclopedia of Bible facts, persons, and places. Most of the information will be drawn from the 66 books of the number one best seller of all time — The Holy Bible.
The main reason for the wiki is to encourage readers to study the Bible rather than to depend on "experts" to tell them what to believe. The assumption will be that the articles will be true to the text itself.
All interested persons are welcome to edit and add pages with the understanding that the content is governed by the text of the Bible itself.

The Book of books: The Holy Bible

This wiki is dedicated to a respectful and scholarly collection of articles that will aid in the study of the Word of God, commonly called "the Bible." The Bible is the foundation of the Christian Religion. From its pages are drawn the doctrines of the Church as first presented by the Catholic Church from the first century AD onward. The text is drawn from the scriptures of the Jewish religion (of whom Jesus Christ was a member) with the addition of historical books about the Christ and his followers, letters from his followers, and an exciting book of prophetic visions to bring it to a close.
Articles in this wiki can range from the nature of the cosmos to visualizations of visions given to prophets of the God of the Book. It is only asked that the Bible itself be the ultimate authority when writing an article. For help, it is suggested that the reader look to conservative Bible Dictionaries that respect the Bible's authority above all others.

Resources is a is one among many good Bible resource websites out there.
Other similar sites exist such as, and
"Online Bible" is actually free downloadable Bible software which the Administrator has used for years. It is highly recommended.
The Administration also encourages meeting with like-minded believers in assemblies (churches and synagogues) for instruction from trained believers committed to the authority of the Bible. Sermons and worship services are available online at, a searchable website where one can find a sermon by text, subject, church and preacher.

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